E-liquid Blends For Every Taste From Vaporfi

Vaporfi may be one of the best-known brand names for vaporizers 2017-02-27_10-40-04and vape mods, but the company has also created its own range of e-liquid blends to suit every taste. They have even created special blends for the holidays, and if you are feeling creative you can use their existing e-liquid flavors to blend your own custom product.

There are always special deals on offer at the Vaporfi website. Money-off for first-time customers, for example, and seasonal sales and bulk-buy deals for e-liquids to help you stock up for weeks at a time. You can also find online vouchers for their products at VaporPromoCode.com – Vaporfi coupon code 25% off can earn you some big savings, whether you are buying a new device or trying out some new e-liquid flavors.

Tobacco Flavors

There are an amazing 30,000 different flavors and blends of e-2017-02-27_10-46-50liquids on sale at the Vaporfi website, so no matter what your taste is when it comes to vaping, you will be able to find something you enjoy here. Tobacco flavors are especially popular with those vapers who have recently quit smoking; it maintains the sensation that they are still smoking cigarettes while they make the difficult transition from being a smoker to becoming a vaper. Switch to the more unusual and creative flavors too soon and you may find it difficult to fight off the cravings you feel for your old packet of smokes.

Whereas most companies have one “tobacco” flavored e-liquid, or at most two or three different tobacco blends, Vaporfi has an impressive range of products. Their Classic Tobacco is just that; a safe and familiar flavor reminiscent of the most popular brands of cigarettes, while the American Red blend is from tobacco plants grown in the US and is a much bolder flavor. Vaporfi even has a Cuban Cigar e-liquid for those who want to sample the taste of a luxury cigar in their vapor.

Menthol Options

If you have been thinking about quitting smoking for a while, you 2017-02-27_10-46-35may have already tried to cut down on your tobacco intake by switching to menthol cigarettes. In this case, you may well prefer to start vaping with a menthol e-liquid, as this is the flavor that you now most associate with the pleasure of smoking. Luckily, Vaporfi also sells a range of menthol e-liquids for you to choose from. Menthol Freeze is an icy and cool blend that tastes really fresh, while Fresh Mint is a milder, more natural blend. You can even buy a tobacco menthol e-liquid blend if you have been switching between normal and menthol cigarettes prior to quitting, or if you want something that is going to leave a fresher taste and smell after vaping.

Customer Options

For both their tobacco and menthol flavors, Vaporfi gives its customers a number of choices to make regarding how they want their blend customized in order to ensure that it meets all their needs. First, you have to decide what blend of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin you want in your base; 50/50 is the recommended blend, but beginners may prefer the 70/30 weighting in favor of propylene glycol as this creates a vapor which is more like normal cigarettes.

You also have to decide what nicotine strength you want for your choice of e-liquid. Vaporfi goes as high as a heady 36 mg level, which is only for very heavy smokers. Medium smokers would be best starting with nicotine strength of around 18 mg or 12 mg, while light or social smokers will be fine with a lower level of around 6 mg or even 3 mg. You can reduce this over time if you want to, right down to the 0 mg nicotine level e-liquids, but you need to get the strength right at the start. Too strong and the vapor may make you feel ill; too weak and it will not satisfy your cravings.

Vaporfi also offers you the option of choosing a flavor strength for your e-liquid. This is more of a personal preference, depending on how much you enjoy your chosen flavor and how strong you want your vapor to be. There are always great deals on multi-buys for Vaporfi e-liquids too: the more you buy, the more you save.

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